CustomerFirst was established to allow HomeServe People – that could be anyone in the business – to raise Customer issues they need help resolving.

Every morning at 8:30am, we hold a forum, along with a video conference call across the entire business, including engineers and other Frontline workers, to give HomeServe People the chance to flag up any Customers that they think are in need of help. A special hardship fund was set up to help cover those above and beyond jobs Customers may need completing even if they aren’t always covered in their policy

So far, HomeServe People have contributed more than 18,000 queries through CustomerFirst and together we have helped support over 4,000 Customers and spent more than £600,000 through our hardship fund.

Our Frontline staff look after Customers every day and, as a company, we believe they should be empowered to make these types of decisions.

CustomerFirst is now engrained into our business and has become a part of our culture. When we ask People to give reasons why they like working at HomeServe, CustomerFirst is considered to be a major factor.

CustomerFirst is part of our deep-rooted commitment to making the lives of those Customers easier, as are our Customer Promises, which run through everything we do.

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