HomeServe launches new Gas Development Academy after plumbers pipe up

Posted 12 January 2017 9:00 AM by John Greaves

Home assistance provider, HomeServe, has launched a new Gas Development Academy which will provide career opportunities for its network of Plumbing & Drainage engineers to train as fully qualified Gas engineers, as well as achieving Gas Safe status.

The launch of the new Academy marks HomeServe’s ongoing commitment to career development and investment in multi-skilling its growing network of directly employed engineers – which now totals almost 1,000 across the UK.

Over 60 HomeServe plumbers, of all ages, applied to be the inaugural entrants to the Gas Development Academy, which was narrowed down to 15 candidates after a rigorous assessment process.

The 15 prospective Gas engineers have now begun their two-year training programme, in conjunction with Walsall College, who HomeServe also works with to help provide its Plumbing & Drainage and Water Supply apprenticeship schemes. The Academy has ensured that the training will combine academic and field learning, with the candidates shadowing existing HomeServe Gas engineers, whilst also enabling them to continue in their current Plumbing and Drainage role.

Richard Shepherd, Chief Operating Officer, HomeServe, said; “We are committed to growing the careers of our People as well as investing in progression opportunities across every part of our business. We knew from talking to our People that a selection of our Plumber and Drainage engineers held a strong interest in becoming Gas engineers, and this shows that we listen and take action.

“Recent acquisitions of Home Energy Services and the purchase of npower’s Domestic care and maintenance policies and services, further strengthened HomeServe’s in-house gas capability helping us provide effortless service to our Customers, and now the launch of our dedicated Gas Development Academy not only provides career development, but also helps enhance our growing significance in the gas industry.”

Jamie Ward, Plumbing engineer and new Academy recruit, said; “When I discovered that HomeServe would be launching a Gas Development Academy for Plumbing and Drainage Engineers to apply for, I sent my application in immediately.

“It really is a great opportunity and one of real progression for me personally, because I’m always looking to learn and improve and develop my skills. This is something that a number of engineers have been asking for, so for HomeServe to have taken on board the feedback of its engineers and launched the Academy is brilliant.

“It once again shows what a great place HomeServe is to work and how they listen to their People.”

At the end of the programme the newly qualified Gas Engineers will be fully ACS Gas Safe certified (holding both a 6189-33 level 3 NVQ and the required CENWAT, CCNI, CPAI, HTR 1 and CKR1 qualifications).




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