HomeServe named in the UK’s top three best places to work


HomeServe has today (Wednesday, December 7) been named as one of the UK’s top three best companies to work for. read more +

HomeServe People aiming to inspire future leaders


Leading home assistance provider HomeServe has signed up to a new charitable partnership that will see its People work with children in schools across the West Midlands to boost their future career prospects. read more +

Boiler installed as nation’s most important home comfort, as big switch on begins


The humble boiler has been installed as the nation’s most important modern home comfort – but almost a third of us have no idea how to operate it, according to research from leading home assistance provider HomeServe. read more +

What the tech?!.... How modern technologies are transforming the traditional British home


Tech-savvy Brits want to live in smart, connected homes with smart lights, wifi-controlled thermostats and even robotic cleaners – but alarm clocks and landline phones could be consigned to the scrap heap, according to new research. read more +

HomeServe Labs wins Corporate Entrepreneur Awards


LeakBot has won a Corporate Entrepreneur Award for best new product. Developed by HomeServe Labs, LeakBot uses intelligent technology to detect water leaks in the home from just one easy-to-connect smart device. read more +

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