Delivering a Customer-led Digital Experience

Right from the moment I started working with our People in the Digital team I was struck by everyone's passion for, and commitment to our long term plan to transform HomeServe's digital services, as well as continuing to deliver our short-term goals.

A year on from my first article, we can reflect on so many successes delivered, as well as uncovering more and more opportunities. Above all, we have really started to transform the way we work together and with the broader business, to put digital services at the heart of our end-to-end user journeys. We've built on our already agile development platform to focus on optimising time to value for our business stakeholders and end-users - identifying and realising opportunities, and fixing problems, together - for our People our Customers and our Partners.

There are lots of examples our team can be really proud of: from finally delivering 100% mobile responsive sales journeys for all our products - to the development of our first digital strategic roadmap - to the in-housing of the development of our Customer app, to name just three. But nothing stands out more for me than the fantastic year of growth in digital self-serve, with a mini-step-change in functionality and features - enabling Customers to digitally manage all core servicing online and many in our Customer App; combined with our much more aligned and collaborative way of working, the team drove a >150% growth in digitally booked and managed jobs (claims, boiler services, appointments, etc)!

Our longer-term vision is now underpinned by the work we conducted with Sharp Co-Lab and the wider business leadership team, our Frontline, Customers and prospects, which enabled us to develop  a three-year roadmap to make our aspirations a reality.

Intuitive, responsive design, and, in particular, a deep-rooted focus on UX is now becoming core to the way we operate - as evidenced in our current website redesign project, we are working tirelessly to create and deliver effortless Customer-led experiences in their digital spaces. Everything we do needs to start from a clear understanding of our end-users’ needs and problems, so that we can create a digital platform that makes our prospects and Customers (whether a first-time user or a digital native) want to engage with us digitally, rather than by any other offline channel. It must be intuitive and easy, personalised and relevant,  more seamless and convenient - as well as being more effective in delivering our business objectives. Our digital ambition is to be closer to our audience than ever before, so that we can anticipate their needs and expectations, not just react to them.

We know that the digital future for our Customers revolves around brilliant UX, underpinned by data and insights. That future, and the success of it, is reliant on HomeServe retaining and recruiting the best possible talent to drive digital forward. All of this is core to our longer-term ambition and its integration means we'll have the digital tools our People, Customers, Partners and stakeholders need to continue to deliver outstanding results, whilst in parallel differentiating HomeServe and providing the right long-term value for our  Customer and Partner relationships.