Our People are our business - Part Two!

In June last year I wrote my first ever blog. In it I talked about the journey we were on at HomeServe, the strategy we’d created to guide and drive us and how, at the heart of this, were our People.

‘Our People are our business’ was the phrase I used to describe our ethos, based on our passionate belief that if we get it right for our People, they’ll get it right for our Customers, and the rest will take care of itself.

When I became CEO of HomeServe in January 2014, we were a business coming back from a near-death experience. Worst hit were our People; their trust in the business that they had invested so much in shattered, the emotional contract broken.

Today, almost three years later, we found out that Glassdoor has rated us as the third best place to work in the whole of the UK. And it is the honest views and reviews of our People that have made this possible.

So we are having a bit of a party in our offices today. I believe over 1,000 pizzas have been ordered in Banbury, Nottingham, Preston and Walsall. We like to celebrate - it’s a big part of our culture now. Creating this great place to work has been done by our People, bottom-up. Honesty, transparency and feedback combined with a passion to change have been the key ingredients. My team have simply created an environment to enable this cultural change.

And the culture we have worked together to build is something of which I am really proud. One of the chief architects of this is my CMO Greg Reed. I know Greg is planning to talk about this in a later blog, so I’ll let him have his say. Until then though, I’ll repeat something I said back in June last year:

As good as today is, I feel that we have so many opportunities ahead of us and there’s lots more we can do. The momentum we have is phenomenal but in reality we’ve only just scratched the surface. I have no doubt though that together, we’ll take care of it!