Martin Bennett


Martin Bennett was appointed as Chief Executive Officer at HomeServe in January 2014. Martin has held a number of high profile positions within HomeServe, including Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer.

Martin was recognised as the UK’s most “People-Focused CEO” at the HR Excellence Awards and currently holds a 97% approval rating on Glassdoor UK.

When it comes to CSR, don’t tell your People what to do, help them do what matters to them.

A couple of years ago, we decided to re-think and re-align our community investment activity back towards our People. Having been late to CSR as a business, we’d previously taken a more top-down “here’s the charity to support” approach which didn’t fit with our philosophy and strategy of ‘building our brand from the inside’. read more +

Our People are our business - Part Two!

In June last year I wrote my first ever blog. In it I talked about the journey we were on at HomeServe, the strategy we’d created to guide and drive us and how, at the heart of this, were our People. read more +

Innovation: put your money where your mouth is…

Someone once said that businesses either need to innovate or die – and when faced with such a choice, innovation sounds like the only option! read more +