Never meet your heroes

The old adage about not meeting your heroes because, as Louisa May Alcott said, "we discover that our idols are very ordinary men and women" is something I've heard many times.

But next week, I'm going to California and will meet a man who is, without a doubt, an absolute hero of mine, co-founder of Apple Computers, Steve Wozniak. I couldn't be more excited and to be honest, I hope he is 'very ordinary' an extraordinary kind of way!

Just before Christmas, I was incredibly honoured to win a global Talent Unleashed award as Most Progressive Workplace Leader. Steve Wozniak is the lead judge of the awards.

My prize for the award is, along with other global winners, to spend a week in Silicon Valley visiting tech companies and hearing about what they are up to. The highlight of the trip for me though will be a lunch we have with Steve Wozniak.

I am an Apple disciple. We couldn't afford an Apple computer when I was growing up but I used them in school and was hooked from the get-go. The first one I owned was a Mac given to Melissa and me twenty-five years ago as a group wedding gift by our bridal party and I still have it...along with everything else since then. To meet someone who designed the Apple I and II, but more than this, was, and is, a true computer pioneer and has changed millions of lives as a result, is a dream come true.

It's my plan to blog more about the trip but in preparation for the big dinner, I wanted some help. Quite simply, what question would you ask Steve Wozniak?

The winning question - as judged by me - I promise I will put to him.