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A month's worth of calls in a week

Just before Easter I read the weather forecast for the weekend ahead. The reports of snow took me back to just a month earlier to what I think was the toughest time I'd experienced in our business - when the Beast from the East, AKA Storm Emma, spun up a weather crisis the likes of which hasn’t been seen since last century. We felt we were ready and although we had, and possibly still have, plenty of disappointed Customers - we were able to put our contingency plans to good use. read more +

My worst ever day at work

I’ve heard a lot of speakers talk about leadership. Often their core message is difficult to decipher and even harder to remember. There was one speech I heard a couple of years ago however that I've never forgotten, simply because it contained the unbelievably powerful phrase “funerals are required but weddings are optional”. read more +

The importance of what MLSS does, every day

I’m sure a few of you have wondered what is this 'Midland Langar Seva Society' that I'm always going on about. The short answer is they are a charity that we support at work and HomeServe Membership Customer Director, Bryn Hamer has written a beautiful little article talking about the how and why of it. You should read his article but I have a little story that I think cuts to the core of what is so special. read more +

Life Keeps Moving

Those of you who live in the North West may have noticed that we have been doing a bit of advertising for HomeServe. It is something new for us to be honest. HomeServe is a 25 year old company and for many years we gained most of our new Customers in partnership with other companies. It worked well as we are the Home Assistance solution for more than 10% of the owner-occupied homes in the UK. read more +

If you care about your family and your career, find a way to take care of yourself.

I’m Type 2 Diabetic. I’ve recently lost three stones in two months and eliminated my dependency on insulin. I share this story, which is not my normal type of post, in the hope that it may help others; I know from personal experience that it is easy to worry about your family and your career in that order and put your health in a distant third. And I also know that this is a mistake. read more +

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