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"It’s never too late ...”

I spoke at a business breakfast a couple of weeks ago at a wonderful place called ‘The Way’ in Wolverhampton. It's part of the National Youth Zone network and it has a big and positive impact on young people in the town. read more +

Delivering a Customer-led Digital Experience

Right from the moment I started working with our People in the Digital team I was struck by everyone's passion for, and commitment to our long term plan to transform HomeServe's digital services, as well as continuing to deliver our short-term goals. read more +

Why not meet your heroes?

Well that just happened. I roll through life and somehow end up sitting across the lunch tablefrom a man who helped to change the world. He was so giving, so generous with his time and thoughts. You meet or read about many people these days who ride a wave to celebrity or wealth and honestly sometimes it doesn't make sense. read more +

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